John Sposìto

John Sposìto (or Gianni Sposìto) is an Italian composer, artist and musician, based in Rome. He's the so called "Italian Vangelis".
He was born in Rome, January 14 1958. As early as two years old, he was already playing with his “little white piano toy” all the day. Then he studied piano with M° Maria Grasso in Rome.
After different experiences with Rock Progressive in the  70’s playing with various groups in different festivals of those time, at the age of 22, in 1980, he was called by the RCA to compose the soundtrack of “Ora Zero e dintorni” the first fiction series produced in Italy for T.V.
In the 1980’s, he worked on a series of shows of “Bagaglino” of Mario Castellacci and Pier Francesco Pingitore, arranging and playing in scene the works of M° Dimitri Gribanovsky with “Gruppo Spazio”.
During this period he continued to compose music for films and documentaries on nature, storical and scientific for the RAI show “Geo&Geo” and for Fidia Bioskin (Dermosphere, Ouroboros) which had worldwide exposure and won important international recognitions. He wrote the music of “FREE K2” for Mountain Wilderness and “Le Alpi di Messner” both for the RAI television.
In the 90’s he completed seven CD for the Prestige Records London with original publisher St. James Music London released in 2007 and still available worldwide.  Many of his songs were included in different electronic – new age music compilations together with Vangelis, Alan Parson, Kitaro to name a few.
He also composed many soundtracks for animation movies and more than 30 series of cartoons which included “Simba The King lion” and “ Cinderella” produced by Tatsunoko Productions - Mondo TV. Actually available in 16 countries.

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