Aqua Cheta: 12


A1. Caduca (Hear & Now Remix)
A2. Dulcis (Manu Archeo Remix)
B1. Fluminea (Mushrooms Project Natural Grow Mix)
B2. Marina (Ocean Moon Remix)
01. Caduca
02. Dulcis
03. Fluminea
04. Marina
05. Pluvia
06. Surgiva


Aqua Cheta: 12" (Remixes) + CD (Originals)

AR025 - INFRADISCO - AQUA CHETA: 12" (Remixes) + CD (Originals) + Insert + Download Code:

This release is 350 copies limited edition (50 on Water Sea Splatter vinyl and 300 on black vinyl): 12" with 4 new special Remixes + CD with 6 previously unreleased Original songs + Insert + Download Code.

Infradisco harness the power of the Po, serving a six-part suite inspired by the life giving power and natural beauty of water. An immersive journey through balmy downbeat, Balearic melancholy, smooth jazz and subtle house, the 'Aqua Cheta' CD comes accompanied by a diverse 12" of remixes from Hear & Now, label head Manu Archeo, Mushrooms Project and Ocean Moon.

Album opener "Caduca" evokes the energy of an Umbrian waterfall, its spheric bassline growing ever more acidic before falling away as focus shifts onto the misty pads and plangent guitar. The gentle bossa rhythm of "Dulcis" transports us to the confluence of the Rio Negro and the Amazon, where a snaking bassline underpins beguiling horns and subtle Sade-sque chords progressions. On "Fluminea", the trio return to the heart of Reggio Emilia, following the fluctuation of the river Po, which runs past their studio, in an exquisite example of tension and release. Awash with emotion, both via the piano and redolent woodwind, this heady track intersects melodic house and Balearic trance, prompting horizontal dancing and skyward gazes. The tone shifts through the pensive and propulsive "Marina", a sax led masterpiece accented with gorgeous acoustic guitar, before the tabla beat and emotive sitar of "Pluvia" add intensity to a slow-flowing piece of progressive house. The CD closes with the cinematic splendour of "Surgiva", an expansive ambient composition which sees delay-drenched fretwork tug at our heartstrings.

The incomparable Hear & Now open the remix 12” with a soaring, searing and soulful interpretation of "Caduca" nudging the track further into clubland with a break-laden 4/4 and Guerilla Records bassline, before unleashing an impassioned terrace-ready guitar solo. Manu Archeo steps behind the console on the A2, spacing out "Dulcis" into a downbeat dub dream, replaying the bassline as a sub-tickling riddim, squeezing a well-tempered drum machine through the FX-box and adding an empathetic 90s vocal sample. On the B1, Mushrooms Project propel "Fluminea" into the undergrowth with a typically tribal translation aimed at the frog-licking crowd. Guttural synths slot into an endless andante while all manner of chirruping electronics conjure images of impossible creatures in a holodeck jungle. Finally, Ocean Moon offers a deep and dewy take on "Marina", turning the reverb up to the max and transforming the track into a dubby drifter somewhere between Black Ark and Hassel's Fourth World.

Patrick Ryder.


12" (Remixes):

A1. Caduca (HEAR & NOW REMIX)





CD (Originals):

01 CADUCA - The Cascata Delle Marmore in Umbria, Italy. A constant minimum water flow is alternated with a full capacity openings. A dive into the void to generate energy.

02 DULCIS - The meeting of Rio Negro with Amazon River in Manaus, Brazil. Two waters with completely different characteristics that after a battle of several kilometers decide to embrace each other.

03 FLUMINEA - The slow flow of river Po in Italy with its phases of flood and drought changing the rhythm of the seasons and daily habits.

04 MARINA - A storm on the Adriatic Sea. Waves that break on the rocks and enter into canal port making swing the fishing boats. Seagulls flying near the shore.

05 PLUVIA - The Monsoon season in India with months of intense rainfall basically to avoid the desert climate. The rebirth.

06 SURGIVA - Water spreading to show all its purity regardless of times and methods. The life.


Original songs by Infradisco
Executive Producer: Manu Archeo
Remixes by Hear & Now; Manu Archeo; Mushrooms Project; Ocean Moon
Mastered @ Simon Francis Mastering (UK)
Artwork by Manu Archeo and Leonardo "Cardinsky" Cardini @ Flod (Firenze)


29 February 2024