Viaggio Tribale EP


A1. Tony Esposito - Dove C'è Luce
A2. Tony Esposito - Veronica Song
A3. Antonio Nicola Bruno - Storia Della Terra Mia
B1. Tony Esposito - Dove C'è Luce (LucaEffeSunset Balearic Seagulls And Children Mix)
B2. Antonio Nicola Bruno - Danza E Ridanza
B3. Antonio Nicola Bruno - Danza E Ridanza (B Version)


Tony Esposito
Viaggio Tribale EP


This release is individually 500 hand-numbered limited edition with 2 previously unreleased tracks from TONY ESPOSITO's Viaggio Tribale CD (2004): Dove C'è Luce and Veronica Song + A Special Balearic Remix of Dove C'è Luce from LucaEffeSunset + 3 previously unreleased tracks from the Lucan (Basilicata) musician Antonio Nicola Bruno CD (2004): Storia Della Terra Mia and Danza E Ridanza. In addition to the usual Archeo insert of credits and photos of the original album, it features also of a second insert concerning a beautiful photographic journey of 2004 by Manu•Archeo, related to the Music. The first 100 copies are pressed on CLEAR TRANSPARENT vinyl (AR013).

Archeo charts a course for the Balearics with this laid back delight of overlooked Italian island grooves. Tony Esposito is a long-serving singer-songwriter, and two tracks from his 2004 CD Viaggio Tribale get a vinyl cut here. Dove C'è Luce gets a special, 90s tinged Remix from LucaEffeSunset. Antonio Nicola Bruno's Storia Della Terra Mia is the first of three unreleased tracks from this little known Lucan artist, striking a curious note with folk undertones and a sunny disposition. There's a more dramatic tone to Danza E Ridanza which takes on an almost Talking Heads-esque quality for the B Version that closes this high quality 12" from the ever reliable Archeo camp.

Executive Producer: Manu Archeo
Remix by LucaEffeSunset
Mastered by Sean P. (UK)
Artwork by Manu Archeo
Photos and Liner Notes by Manu Archeo


RSD 2018 (21 April)